Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Pregnancy

Oft times when trying to conceive we give little thought to systems going on within our bodies aside from solely focusing on our reproductive organs.  Yes, we adults all know how to create a baby, for some of us it is more difficult than others, but we can understand the basics behind sperm meets and fertilizes egg.  What we often fail to consider is how our overall health affects this process and the subsequent pregnancy.  When I speak of overall health I am referring to our diet, exposure to toxins, lifestyle and managed stress levels.  It is little thought of how much each of these factors affects not only conception but also continues to affect us throughout the duration of a pregnancy.

Beginning with the time span before pregnancy occurs we ought to be conscious of what we are putting into and on our bodies.  The processed foods that many of us consume without thought are loaded with chemicals that are inhibiting our optimal health and therefore affecting all aspects of our physiology and fertility.  A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot pronounce or readily identify an ingredient, don’t eat it.  Then there are the vast cocktails of chemicals we are slathering on our bodies in the form of synthetic perfumes, deodorants, skin creams and the like.  (Once again with the rule of thumb above, if you can’t pronounce it and aren’t sure of its origin, just avoid it) All of these aspects of our daily lives have an effect on us, and so much the more when we are carrying and growing a new life.

How then does one ensure optimal health during pregnancy?  If it all begins before conception, it definitely continues during pregnancy.  The pregnant woman should be diligent about eating organic fruits and vegetables in an effort to avoid pesticides that can and do have an effect on mom and baby.  Avoidance of processed foods is key opting for natural and non GMO options.  No worries, there are still packaged foods that contain just a few readily identifiable ingredients (e.g., granolas,). This is a time or season of life to evaluate what you are putting not only into but also on the surface of your body so make the switch to natural ingredients.  You can make or buy natural deodorants, toothpastes, skin creams, and makeup.  We all want to feel beautiful and that is still quite possible but when we try to do it naturally with plant based ingredients it is so much the healthier.

Pregnancy is not a time of life to feel weakened or sickly; this is a time of empowerment.  As women we are capable of one of the most amazing miracles, nurturing and growing life within us.  If we fuel and care for our bodies we create a matchless environment for the growth of this new life and we set a precedent for the healthy lifestyle we want to create for our new child.


A 26 year study of canine sperm shows a decline in sperm quality and is being held as indicative of the fertility in human males

The dog was chosen because  they closely follow the human in that they live in the same house and so are exposed to the same chemicals and even sometimes eat the same food “.”

The test involved 1,925 samples of ejaculate from  232 different dogs over the 26 years.  The motility (the ability to swim in a straight line) of the sperm fell by 2.4% over 10 years between 1988 and 1998.  Even taking out those dogs from the sample with the worse motility, it still fell by 1.2% during subsequent years.  Professor Gary England  of Nottinghams foundation dean of Veterinary Science lead the 26 year study and the 3 technicians who handled all the samples, testing the dogs food and chemicals therein. Findings were alarming.  Correlation between the environmental chemicals and declining fertility was identified

The cause of these problems are being related to environmental chemicals.  Our dear doggies were even found to contain PCB’s and phthalates, both chemicals being limed to fertility problems and birth defects.  So…. It must be doing the same to humans


So where does the study go from here?  The team is reviewing the interactions of the various environmental chemicals they are identifying on each other which in itself is complex.

And what of male fertility?  Seventy years of scientific research into human male fertility has shown a downward trend, and despite debates about the accuracy of the findings and consistency, the bottom line is still the same   – its going down. As such the case for reducing environmental toxins and trying to detox our own bodies as much as we can is clear


Mud glorious mud!  Drink it, wear it, roll in it!

Clay, as we might better call it has been consumed by people and animals for thousands of years because it not only heals the body but also provides essential minerals and trace elements essential for health and the proper functioning of our bodies  Let me show you 10 benefits of this cheap and wonderful natural source of health, healing and nutrion

What it does

Let me cut to the chase and tell you briefly what clay can do for you  (I will explain the different types of clay later before you go rushing off to the local pond and start drinking and wallowing around in it like the local wilderbeest)

Clay absorbs the toxins in our bowels and once eliminated our energy levels increase.

It also contains other crucial elements for your body such as silica, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, sulphur and carbon. Additionally, it includes up to around 71 different trace elements all absolutely essential for health, curing illnesses and neutralising bacteria

It contains huge amounts of silica which penetrates the skeletal system to produce strong bones, healthy skin, hair and teeth as well as increasing collagen in your bones and skills so you will look younger too. (another source of silica too is common horsetail Equisetum arvense – that dear weed which gardeners hate because they can never get rid of it as its roots deep into the ground some  7 feet, and that’s the beauty of it – because it reaches so deep into the earth it extracts all those precious minerals from it.  So we should applaud the common horsetail and use it to make our bodies healthy and strong

Where is the clay from?

So what exactly is the clay and where is it from?  Clay is formed when volcanic ash which erupted out of a volcano.  As the ash pours into nearby seas and lakes it collects pure minerals producing incredibly energised mineralized clay as it settled on sea beds.

There are 7 types of  which volcanoes produce from their ash

  1. Smectite clays. (Bentonite is from the family of clay called Smectite and it is this clay that is one of the main ones for health
  2. Kaolin clays
  3. Illite clays
  4. Vermiculite clays
  5. Chlorite clays
  6. Iron oxyhydroxides
  7. Allophane

Which clay should I use?

The most common clay people use is bentonite clay, which is really named from the area it has recently been taken from in Benton Wyoming

A characteristic of the smectites group of clays (which includes Bentonite clay remember) is that they can absorb many times their own volume and because of this it is magnificent for and absorption of toxins within the body. It has a much higher absorption rate than the other clays.  In body cleansing it can help strip mucoid build up from the walls of the intestines when taking with a detox programme.

Now we are narrowed to using bentonite clay, we know that there are 4 main types of Bentonite clay but only 2 are relevant to uses for the body. The 4 are:

  • Sodium Bentonite
  • Calcium Bentonite
  • Potassium Bentonite
  • Aluminium Bentonite

Generally the one most people take is either the sodium bentonite or calcium bentonite. The sodium absorbs much more though does have a higher concentrate of sodium of course.  Calcium bentonite on the other hand still has a high absorption rate and is great for healing as it has a high alkaline rate.

And what of our fertility?

Again, fertility is improved as our bodies are cleansed, alkaline balanced, nourished and made stronger through minerals

 What can clay do  – 10 uses for clay

1 Used on the Skin to Heal Eczema, Dermatitis & Psoriasis, spots

Make the clay into a paste and make a mask on the skin. This will bind to bacteria and toxins which live within the skins pores and surfaces and will draw them out.  It can help calm skin infections as it has antibiotic properties

  1. Bathe in clay to soak up toxins

Mix clay in the bath with magnesium (Epsom salts) as the both together draw all the toxins out of  the body.  Get the loofah on it and scrub away all the dead skin cells.  Let your skin dry and settle and feel how soft it is. It may feel a tad dry initially after the detox but the natural oils will come back to the surface shortly making your skin lovely and smooth again


  1. Allows Cells to Receive More Oxygen

Bentonite clay pulls excess hydrogen from the cells which enables oxygen to replace it and more oxygen means you feel more energised and illness and damage to your body including muscles are alleviated.

  1. Alkalizes the Body

Our bodies need to be 80%:20% alkaline to acid.  Most of the nation’s illnesses derive from having acidic bodies which are breeding grounds for diseases, poor health and low energy. This is far too big an issue to discuss here, suffice to say the more we can alkalise the body, the better and minerals are the perfect source to do this – everything from clay to other sea vegetables such as seaweed andgreen leafy vegetables to name but a few

  1. Good bacteria is enabled to flourish in the digestive system – probiotic

By cleaning the digestive tract and gut lining through removal of toxins, chemicals and bacteria, clay lays the ground for a cleaner environment thus enabling good bacteria to flourish. Remember good bacteria is one of the main defence systems in your immune system. The healthier our gut means we can fully absorb nutrients from our food thus avoiding malabsorption and nutritional deficiency.

6 Relieves Digestive Problems such as IBS

As bentonite clay helps remove and neutralise bacteria, the digestive system naturally improves.  Its alkalising effect can calm and alleviate digestive problems too, soothing the digestive system.  So forget the antacid tables.  Clay (or even arrowroot powder which is very cheap or Japanese kudzu starch can neutralise acidic digestive systems too

7Candida Albicans

Many people have candida albicans  to greater or lesser degrees

Candida albicans is a fungus which can live almost anywhere in or on the body.  It can grow in the digestive tract and its froms can grow through and penetrate the walls of the digestive tract, leading to allergies and bloating as proteins begin to penetrate the gut and toxins leak from the gut into the blood stream causing serious health problems.  Clay will not seal the gut but by killing bacteria and helping remove it from the body through attaching itself to the intruder, it helps the immune system to function better

  1. Improves the Health of Teeth and Gums

The doorway into the body is through the mouth.  Like a doorman on a club, we need to keep the entrance protected as the mouth itself also absorbs directly into the blood stream as well as permitting toxins and germs to go down into the body.  Again through the absorption qualities of clay combined with its ability to neutralise bacteria, the body is protected.  Use it to swill the mouth out for a few minutes (or buy clay toothpaste)

  1. Purifies Water – helps to

Flouride is not the tooth protector as some would have us believe. It is known to interfere with our endocrine system. Remember the endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things

Throwing these out of balance can create chaos in our bodies and minds

Clay can help neutralise some of the fluoride in our drinking water (though it is not the main nor the only method for doing this)

  1. Mud pack for the face or put it on your baby’s bum!

Make a face mask to draw out those impurities (you can use fullers earth) or apply the dry clay to the skin of your baby’s bum when its irritated or sore. Wipe or rinse away after a few minutes

Seriously this is one of the most simple and profound things you can give to yourself on a daily basis.  Remember we are ourselves composed of elements and minerals – our physical being is composed of such minerals which is why we require them, often in supplement form due to depletion of many minerals from our foods through pollution of our soil and water

Just check which is the best for your current situation, that it is for internal consumption, and ensure that before choosing that you select a quality provider



Supplements, healthy & detoxing – including how volcanoes can help us detox and make us healthy

As promised in my previous post here are some tips and information on some of the best supplements to help with the detox process thereby improving health and fertility

Just to stress the importance of minerals both for health and for detoxing, they are  crucial to keeping our bodies healthy and disease free.  It is also important to understand that if we are deficient in essential minerals, our bodies use toxic metals as stand ins in their absence. That’s a bit worrying but, endorses the importance of us ensuring we give ourselves the crucial minerals and metals we need.

For example

  • Magnesium deficiencies are replaced by aluminium and probably the biggest impact is on our minds as aluminium cause neurochemical changes. Aluminium has been identified as a contributing factor to developing Alzheimer’ disease.
  • Calcium deficiencies are replaced by lead, which deposits itself in our bones, and leads to osteoporosis and osteopenia as well as disrupting the formation of red blood cells
  • Zinc deficiencies are replaced by cadmium, and hangs out in the kidneys. Kidneys according to Chinese medicine are the root of life and when our energy is on the floor we need to replenish our kidneys ( I wont go into full detail here but one of the remedies is tai chi and qi gong)
  • Manganese deficiencies are replaced by nickel, which is carcinogenic so poisonous to the body

The bottom line here is that we need minerals to keep the body and mind healthy, but also to prevent any toxic metals substituting themselves for any deficiencies in our own natural minerals

So for starters, thinking about the main organs of the body, here are some tips for detoxing

Blood cleansers – chlorella – is believed to cleanse the blood and keep the body from absorbing toxins such as dioxins.  One study of 35 pregnant Japanese women found that those who took chlorella supplements had significantly lower dioxin levels in their breast milk

Liver –  the livers main job is to detox the body. The liver does around 600 different jobs but ultimately its job is to eliminate toxins from the body. It converts the toxins into water soluble molecules which are then flushed out via our urinary or digestive systems through urine or faeces.  Silymarin or milk thistle is one of the best herbs here. It binds to liver cells to prevent chemicals breaching cell walls. It also helps cell regeneration and boosts glutathione, an antioxidant that zaps harmful free radicals

Kidneys – our kidneys filter out toxins from the blood stream.  Pissenlit or piss the beds or as  they are commonly known as – dandelions are key for cleansing the kidneys.  Remember all the things our grannies told us. Remember they had access only to natural medicines and had done for hundreds of years – so there must be some truth in it.   Dandelions help the kidneys to clear our waste, salt and excess water by making us wee ! It also helps remove toxins from the liver too and is rich in antioxidants so prevents cell damage, thus slowing down the aging process.  These wonderful plants grow wild in your garden. Use them. Leaves in the salad, dry and boil the root and drink it. Make sure you havent used weedkiller on them though

Blood stream 0 Vitamin C – When the liver is doing its fantastic detoxing job, the wonderiful antioxidant vitamin C mops up any free radicals churned out by the liver during its detox process. It helps with colds and protects lung cells from air pollution damage.

Great for everything – Bentonite clay is one of the most amazing substances we can take.  It is composed of ash made from volcanos. As well as having an abundance of minerals including silica, sodium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium it is a fantastic detox and alkaliser for the body

It absorbs some 100 times its own weight. Its composition includes negatively charged electrons in contrast to heavy metals which are positively charged electrons  It works by the bentonite binding with the heavy metals and absorbing them, after which toxins are eliminated via faeces (don’t forget to drink lots of water to help the bentonite to eventually flush out after it has absorbed all the toxins.  So wonderous is the benefits of bentonite clay I may do a separate post on this

There are many supplements, foods and activities which help detox our bodies and these are just some of them.

Whatever we are taking to detox our bodies, it is vital to remember to get those toxins out of our bodies as fast as we can so they are not travelling around via our blood stream delivery junk to our organs. The primary exit routes are urine, faeces and sweat.  So it is very important to drink lots of water to start the elimination via the urinary system.  To assist elimination via the digestive system obviously water helps with that, but also fibre such as psyllium husk and for extra help, try cascara bark which stimulates the bowel to eliminate faster.  Last but not least, the pores.  The more you can sweat the faster you can get those toxins out.  A steam or sauna, or even a hot salt bath with bentonite clay or magnesium (Epsom salts) at home works wonders too.

So good luck

And remember, seek professional help if you are not sure as I am not a doctor – just another person trying to stay healthy in our beautiful but polluted world

More and more we are reading about toxins and the impact on our health, warning us about everything from fatigue, cancer and even fertility.

Industrialisation, pollution and the imposition of major corporations dominating our environments, food and water have exposed us to toxic heavy metals. Corporations rule the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink. Despite the industrial revolution in the UK being more or less in decline we are still suffering from pollutions causing stress, inflammatory conditions, disease and reproductive problems

An article in the Oxford Journal confirms that reproduction and/or development can be affected by a wide variety of toxins and notes heavy metals, chlorination disinfection by-products in water, air pollution and dioxins to name but a few. It also states that even lower doses of these various toxins affect the reproductive system and/or infant development.

See article


Aside from the fertility issues, even if we are not planning to conceive, the fact that our potential foetus and children are being damaged or prevented from coming into being,  tends to indicate that we too as the host, giving life to children must by definition must also be getting damaged by these toxins.

Without getting paranoid and worrying about everything around us polluting us and contributing to our demise perhaps at a faster rate than should be, (apparently the human body was designed to last for 120 years – as is evidenced by some inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinowa who have the highest number of centenarians world wide), what can we actually do about it?  I mean how do we escape it?  Its all around us. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat is all contaminated to some degree or other. Source

Don’t fret – the option of hiding ourselves away in some sterile environment, breathing only purified air, water and food would mean we would surely die of boredom!  Toxing up a bit and having fun out in the world sounds a much better option!   So fret not – there are many things we can do to both prevent toxins and remove existing ones from our bodies! Not forgetting how incredible these living organisms come energy fields that we call our bodies are at dealing with toxins, stresses and injuries.

Here are a few simple day to day things we can do to help us detox and stay healthy, and protect and enhance our fertility.

Vegetables – adopt a plant based diet. Eat your greens – you granny was right!  Doesn’t mean you have to go veggie. Cruciferous vegetables such as watercress, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage will detox your body as well as helping your digestion to clear out which in itself can be a source of detoxification (I mean would you put up with a blocked drain in your house?  So we put up with it in your body?)

Water –  8 glasses a day – as clean as you can get it. Keep a bottle by the sofa so you swig it without thinking while you’re doing your stuff- watching tv, listening to music, reading or whatever

Fresh vegetable juices – celery (detoxes the kidneys), carrot, cucumber, spinach, kale, parsley and beetroots provide us with both a detox and essential vitamins and minerals.  Very easy to juice- just lash them into a juicer and out they come. Juice ginger and a few vegetables for extra detox and taste

Sea stuff – spirulina, kelp, algae, chlorella – are absolutely fantastic for a whole range of things from detoxing, providing essential minerals and proteins needed by the body. Chuck them in some fruit juice. I know they smell like the goldfish bowl but they are ok in a smoothie and the benefits far outweigh the smell

Garlic – the sulfur in garlic is known to be a very effective blood cleanser (Dracula should know!), and given that the blood is the river of life carrying everything around the body to all the various parts and organs including the reproductive organs, it will take the good and the bad.  So toxins in the blood will be taken around the body along its canals and rivers along with the nutrients to feed those organs. So make it clean!  One clove a day is not so bad. I chop it into bits and swallow it like a tablet with water. Start with half a clove if you can’t stomach it then build up. Its great.  And you won’t lose any friends it doesn’t smell that bad.  Or have sliced garlic on toast with a bit of olive oil. It’s delicious!

Olive oil is also a detox for the liver, as well as making your hair and skin smoother and shinier. I put a few tablespoons in fruit juice and kneck it. I really notice the difference as my skin feels crusty and dry when I don’t have it. All those expensive body oils – it’s important to oil our bodies from the inside out as this softness really comes out of your pores and you can feel it in your skin.

Sauna and steam room – the biggest organ in the body is the skin. It absorbs and emits, so having a good old sweat will get rid of bacteria and toxins out of the body, removing dead skin to allow your skin to breathe better and feel softer too. Take a body scrub and rub away all that dead skin

Stick this list on the wall in your kitchen to remind you, especially if this is a new routine for you as it can feel a bit overwhelming having to suddenly incorporate new things especially when we are already very busy.

So, how do I know what heavy metals and how much toxins I already have in my body?

You can have a hair test to identify both which minerals you are lacking in and which heavy metals are present in your body. Toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminium and cadmium can be identified and their levels detected.  As well as this toxin analysis, you will receive a programme of how to remove such heavy metals and toxins. Don’t worry – often they are minerals in the form of supplements so it’s not a difficult programme.  I am currently sourcing the best programmes I know so will be right back with them as soon as!

So there you go some quick tips as to how to detoxify your body, making it a wonderful baby producing hub as well as racking up your own health and energy at all levels including physical as well as mental as our minds become clearer too.

And next time – So, what about supplements?  These are after all relatively easy to take and contribute to the detox process. Well, vitamin D, a steroid hormone has been found to significantly boost fertility in both men and women, as well as showing positive results to helping with health conditions such as heart disease and cancer.  Anyway, I will post separately on supplements.  See you soon

Wishing you well