Fertility, health and de-toxing

More and more we are reading about toxins and the impact on our health, warning us about everything from fatigue, cancer and even fertility.

Industrialisation, pollution and the imposition of major corporations dominating our environments, food and water have exposed us to toxic heavy metals. Corporations rule the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink. Despite the industrial revolution in the UK being more or less in decline we are still suffering from pollutions causing stress, inflammatory conditions, disease and reproductive problems

An article in the Oxford Journal confirms that reproduction and/or development can be affected by a wide variety of toxins and notes heavy metals, chlorination disinfection by-products in water, air pollution and dioxins to name but a few. It also states that even lower doses of these various toxins affect the reproductive system and/or infant development.

See article http://bmb.oxfordjournals.org/content/68/1/47.full


Aside from the fertility issues, even if we are not planning to conceive, the fact that our potential foetus and children are being damaged or prevented from coming into being,  tends to indicate that we too as the host, giving life to children must by definition must also be getting damaged by these toxins.

Without getting paranoid and worrying about everything around us polluting us and contributing to our demise perhaps at a faster rate than should be, (apparently the human body was designed to last for 120 years – as is evidenced by some inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinowa who have the highest number of centenarians world wide), what can we actually do about it?  I mean how do we escape it?  Its all around us. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat is all contaminated to some degree or other. Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okinawa_Centenarian_Study

Don’t fret – the option of hiding ourselves away in some sterile environment, breathing only purified air, water and food would mean we would surely die of boredom!  Toxing up a bit and having fun out in the world sounds a much better option!   So fret not – there are many things we can do to both prevent toxins and remove existing ones from our bodies! Not forgetting how incredible these living organisms come energy fields that we call our bodies are at dealing with toxins, stresses and injuries.

Here are a few simple day to day things we can do to help us detox and stay healthy, and protect and enhance our fertility.

Vegetables – adopt a plant based diet. Eat your greens – you granny was right!  Doesn’t mean you have to go veggie. Cruciferous vegetables such as watercress, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage will detox your body as well as helping your digestion to clear out which in itself can be a source of detoxification (I mean would you put up with a blocked drain in your house?  So we put up with it in your body?)

Water –  8 glasses a day – as clean as you can get it. Keep a bottle by the sofa so you swig it without thinking while you’re doing your stuff- watching tv, listening to music, reading or whatever

Fresh vegetable juices – celery (detoxes the kidneys), carrot, cucumber, spinach, kale, parsley and beetroots provide us with both a detox and essential vitamins and minerals.  Very easy to juice- just lash them into a juicer and out they come. Juice ginger and a few vegetables for extra detox and taste

Sea stuff – spirulina, kelp, algae, chlorella – are absolutely fantastic for a whole range of things from detoxing, providing essential minerals and proteins needed by the body. Chuck them in some fruit juice. I know they smell like the goldfish bowl but they are ok in a smoothie and the benefits far outweigh the smell

Garlic – the sulfur in garlic is known to be a very effective blood cleanser (Dracula should know!), and given that the blood is the river of life carrying everything around the body to all the various parts and organs including the reproductive organs, it will take the good and the bad.  So toxins in the blood will be taken around the body along its canals and rivers along with the nutrients to feed those organs. So make it clean!  One clove a day is not so bad. I chop it into bits and swallow it like a tablet with water. Start with half a clove if you can’t stomach it then build up. Its great.  And you won’t lose any friends it doesn’t smell that bad.  Or have sliced garlic on toast with a bit of olive oil. It’s delicious!

Olive oil is also a detox for the liver, as well as making your hair and skin smoother and shinier. I put a few tablespoons in fruit juice and kneck it. I really notice the difference as my skin feels crusty and dry when I don’t have it. All those expensive body oils – it’s important to oil our bodies from the inside out as this softness really comes out of your pores and you can feel it in your skin.

Sauna and steam room – the biggest organ in the body is the skin. It absorbs and emits, so having a good old sweat will get rid of bacteria and toxins out of the body, removing dead skin to allow your skin to breathe better and feel softer too. Take a body scrub and rub away all that dead skin

Stick this list on the wall in your kitchen to remind you, especially if this is a new routine for you as it can feel a bit overwhelming having to suddenly incorporate new things especially when we are already very busy.

So, how do I know what heavy metals and how much toxins I already have in my body?

You can have a hair test to identify both which minerals you are lacking in and which heavy metals are present in your body. Toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminium and cadmium can be identified and their levels detected.  As well as this toxin analysis, you will receive a programme of how to remove such heavy metals and toxins. Don’t worry – often they are minerals in the form of supplements so it’s not a difficult programme.  I am currently sourcing the best programmes I know so will be right back with them as soon as!

So there you go some quick tips as to how to detoxify your body, making it a wonderful baby producing hub as well as racking up your own health and energy at all levels including physical as well as mental as our minds become clearer too.

And next time – So, what about supplements?  These are after all relatively easy to take and contribute to the detox process. Well, vitamin D, a steroid hormone has been found to significantly boost fertility in both men and women, as well as showing positive results to helping with health conditions such as heart disease and cancer.  Anyway, I will post separately on supplements.  See you soon

Wishing you well


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