Supplements, healthy & detoxing – including how volcanoes can help us detox and make us healthy

Supplements, healthy & detoxing – including how volcanoes can help us detox and make us healthy

As promised in my previous post here are some tips and information on some of the best supplements to help with the detox process thereby improving health and fertility

Just to stress the importance of minerals both for health and for detoxing, they are  crucial to keeping our bodies healthy and disease free.  It is also important to understand that if we are deficient in essential minerals, our bodies use toxic metals as stand ins in their absence. That’s a bit worrying but, endorses the importance of us ensuring we give ourselves the crucial minerals and metals we need.

For example

  • Magnesium deficiencies are replaced by aluminium and probably the biggest impact is on our minds as aluminium cause neurochemical changes. Aluminium has been identified as a contributing factor to developing Alzheimer’ disease.
  • Calcium deficiencies are replaced by lead, which deposits itself in our bones, and leads to osteoporosis and osteopenia as well as disrupting the formation of red blood cells
  • Zinc deficiencies are replaced by cadmium, and hangs out in the kidneys. Kidneys according to Chinese medicine are the root of life and when our energy is on the floor we need to replenish our kidneys ( I wont go into full detail here but one of the remedies is tai chi and qi gong)
  • Manganese deficiencies are replaced by nickel, which is carcinogenic so poisonous to the body

The bottom line here is that we need minerals to keep the body and mind healthy, but also to prevent any toxic metals substituting themselves for any deficiencies in our own natural minerals

So for starters, thinking about the main organs of the body, here are some tips for detoxing

Blood cleansers – chlorella – is believed to cleanse the blood and keep the body from absorbing toxins such as dioxins.  One study of 35 pregnant Japanese women found that those who took chlorella supplements had significantly lower dioxin levels in their breast milk

Liver –  the livers main job is to detox the body. The liver does around 600 different jobs but ultimately its job is to eliminate toxins from the body. It converts the toxins into water soluble molecules which are then flushed out via our urinary or digestive systems through urine or faeces.  Silymarin or milk thistle is one of the best herbs here. It binds to liver cells to prevent chemicals breaching cell walls. It also helps cell regeneration and boosts glutathione, an antioxidant that zaps harmful free radicals

Kidneys – our kidneys filter out toxins from the blood stream.  Pissenlit or piss the beds or as  they are commonly known as – dandelions are key for cleansing the kidneys.  Remember all the things our grannies told us. Remember they had access only to natural medicines and had done for hundreds of years – so there must be some truth in it.   Dandelions help the kidneys to clear our waste, salt and excess water by making us wee ! It also helps remove toxins from the liver too and is rich in antioxidants so prevents cell damage, thus slowing down the aging process.  These wonderful plants grow wild in your garden. Use them. Leaves in the salad, dry and boil the root and drink it. Make sure you havent used weedkiller on them though

Blood stream 0 Vitamin C – When the liver is doing its fantastic detoxing job, the wonderiful antioxidant vitamin C mops up any free radicals churned out by the liver during its detox process. It helps with colds and protects lung cells from air pollution damage.

Great for everything – Bentonite clay is one of the most amazing substances we can take.  It is composed of ash made from volcanos. As well as having an abundance of minerals including silica, sodium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium it is a fantastic detox and alkaliser for the body

It absorbs some 100 times its own weight. Its composition includes negatively charged electrons in contrast to heavy metals which are positively charged electrons  It works by the bentonite binding with the heavy metals and absorbing them, after which toxins are eliminated via faeces (don’t forget to drink lots of water to help the bentonite to eventually flush out after it has absorbed all the toxins.  So wonderous is the benefits of bentonite clay I may do a separate post on this

There are many supplements, foods and activities which help detox our bodies and these are just some of them.

Whatever we are taking to detox our bodies, it is vital to remember to get those toxins out of our bodies as fast as we can so they are not travelling around via our blood stream delivery junk to our organs. The primary exit routes are urine, faeces and sweat.  So it is very important to drink lots of water to start the elimination via the urinary system.  To assist elimination via the digestive system obviously water helps with that, but also fibre such as psyllium husk and for extra help, try cascara bark which stimulates the bowel to eliminate faster.  Last but not least, the pores.  The more you can sweat the faster you can get those toxins out.  A steam or sauna, or even a hot salt bath with bentonite clay or magnesium (Epsom salts) at home works wonders too.

So good luck

And remember, seek professional help if you are not sure as I am not a doctor – just another person trying to stay healthy in our beautiful but polluted world

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