Dog male fertility as an indicator of human male fertility

A 26 year study of canine sperm shows a decline in sperm quality and is being held as indicative of the fertility in human males

The dog was chosen because  they closely follow the human in that they live in the same house and so are exposed to the same chemicals and even sometimes eat the same food “.”

The test involved 1,925 samples of ejaculate from  232 different dogs over the 26 years.  The motility (the ability to swim in a straight line) of the sperm fell by 2.4% over 10 years between 1988 and 1998.  Even taking out those dogs from the sample with the worse motility, it still fell by 1.2% during subsequent years.  Professor Gary England  of Nottinghams foundation dean of Veterinary Science lead the 26 year study and the 3 technicians who handled all the samples, testing the dogs food and chemicals therein. Findings were alarming.  Correlation between the environmental chemicals and declining fertility was identified

The cause of these problems are being related to environmental chemicals.  Our dear doggies were even found to contain PCB’s and phthalates, both chemicals being limed to fertility problems and birth defects.  So…. It must be doing the same to humans


So where does the study go from here?  The team is reviewing the interactions of the various environmental chemicals they are identifying on each other which in itself is complex.

And what of male fertility?  Seventy years of scientific research into human male fertility has shown a downward trend, and despite debates about the accuracy of the findings and consistency, the bottom line is still the same   – its going down. As such the case for reducing environmental toxins and trying to detox our own bodies as much as we can is clear


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