Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Pregnancy


Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Pregnancy

Oft times when trying to conceive we give little thought to systems going on within our bodies aside from solely focusing on our reproductive organs.  Yes, we adults all know how to create a baby, for some of us it is more difficult than others, but we can understand the basics behind sperm meets and fertilizes egg.  What we often fail to consider is how our overall health affects this process and the subsequent pregnancy.  When I speak of overall health I am referring to our diet, exposure to toxins, lifestyle and managed stress levels.  It is little thought of how much each of these factors affects not only conception but also continues to affect us throughout the duration of a pregnancy.

Beginning with the time span before pregnancy occurs we ought to be conscious of what we are putting into and on our bodies.  The processed foods that many of us consume without thought are loaded with chemicals that are inhibiting our optimal health and therefore affecting all aspects of our physiology and fertility.  A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot pronounce or readily identify an ingredient, don’t eat it.  Then there are the vast cocktails of chemicals we are slathering on our bodies in the form of synthetic perfumes, deodorants, skin creams and the like.  (Once again with the rule of thumb above, if you can’t pronounce it and aren’t sure of its origin, just avoid it) All of these aspects of our daily lives have an effect on us, and so much the more when we are carrying and growing a new life.

How then does one ensure optimal health during pregnancy?  If it all begins before conception, it definitely continues during pregnancy.  The pregnant woman should be diligent about eating organic fruits and vegetables in an effort to avoid pesticides that can and do have an effect on mom and baby.  Avoidance of processed foods is key opting for natural and non GMO options.  No worries, there are still packaged foods that contain just a few readily identifiable ingredients (e.g., granolas,). This is a time or season of life to evaluate what you are putting not only into but also on the surface of your body so make the switch to natural ingredients.  You can make or buy natural deodorants, toothpastes, skin creams, and makeup.  We all want to feel beautiful and that is still quite possible but when we try to do it naturally with plant based ingredients it is so much the healthier.

Pregnancy is not a time of life to feel weakened or sickly; this is a time of empowerment.  As women we are capable of one of the most amazing miracles, nurturing and growing life within us.  If we fuel and care for our bodies we create a matchless environment for the growth of this new life and we set a precedent for the healthy lifestyle we want to create for our new child.


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