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Welcome to mommy glow. Very happy to have you here and I look forward to conversing with you and sharing lots of glowing information and tips to help you glow and grow


Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Pregnancy

When trying to conceive we give little thought to systems going on within our bodies aside from solely focusing on our reproductive organs.   What we often fail to consider is how our overall health affects this process and the subsequent pregnancy.  When I speak of overall health I am referring to our diet, exposure to toxins, lifestyle and managed stress levels.  What we put not only in, but on our bodies.


Dog (male) fertility, Human male fertility and environmental toxins

A 26 year study of canine sperm shows a decline in sperm quality and is being held as indicative of the fertility in human males http://mommy-glow.com/2016/09/28/dog-male-fertility-as-an-indicator-of-human-male-fertility/



Mud glorious mud!  Drink it, wear it, roll in it!

Clay, as we might better call it has been consumed by people and animals for thousands of years because it not only heals the body but also provides essential minerals and trace elements essential for health and the proper functioning of our bodies  Let me show you 10 benefits of this cheap and wonderful natural source of health, healing and nutrition



Toxins, infertility and reproduction

More and more we are reading about toxins and the impact on our health, warning us about everything from fatigue, cancer and even fertility. I’ve done some research to find out what we can do about this to help remedy this problem and improve up our fertility and health through detoxing and nutrients



Supplements, healthy & detoxing – including how volcanoes can help us detox and make us healthy

As promised in my previous post here are some tips and information on some of the best supplements to help with the detox process thereby improving health and fertility.  Including an intro to the amazing health giving volcanic bentonite clay

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